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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 17, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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i knew she was gone. i knew she left and right then i knew my day is not going to be the same. a mother's grief is visible tonight as she talks for the very first time about the fire that took the life of her young daughter. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. about 500 people showed up on the fire. >> reporter: five family members made it out of this charred apartment this weekend. 10-year-old corlina godfrey did not. >> that was my baby. and all i keep thinking about i
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heard her cry. >> reporter: her daughter's cries will haunt not only her family but many in this crowd of neighbors who ran to the apartment as fire raged saturday morning and wanted to save the trapped child but couldn't. >> i thought i got all the kids out. didn't know she was the only one still out there. and now as a parent i feel bad that i wasn't able to go back in there and get her because they wouldn't let me back in. >> reporter: corlina godfrey was a fourth grader. corlina liked to read and tell stories. >> she's soft smoken and had a heart of gold. i have her wrapped up with and with a huge pillow wrapped up in a
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b l anket. >> how about we not think about what happen. how about we not blame anybody. how about we just be grateful, but thankful. >> reporter: tonight community leaders reminded treasure island families to embrace every day and embrace corlina's loved ones. >> we want to make sure that we're great numbers and show our support to us. >> reporter: corlina's father who escaped the fire could not bare returning here tonight. but her mother and siblings returned. >> she was trapped, she couldn't get out. she needed help. so now i'm asking for help. i need any help to get her buried. >> reporter: corlina has 10
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surviving siblings so funeral costs will be difficult. on treasure island, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. an assistant chief is looking on how to help his son escape the united states. squaw was detailed of raping his neighbor. he was captured in mexico this week and returned to fresno county this weekend. now kyle carver with the chp division is helping charges that he helped his son get out of the country. the coast guard is still investigating a collision on the bay yesterday that left two people injured. a golden gate ferry was hit yesterday afternoon. two people on the smaller boat were hospitalized, their conditions have not been
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released. none of the 500 passengers on the ferry was injured. -- a golden gate ferry worker said that the injures came from the collision. the bus driver is under going drug and alcohol testing which is standard for such accidents. marin county officials are looking for beer thieves store employees say two men took off with two cases of beer then fled in a gold colored mini van. a security guard then went after them to try to get a license plate number and someone in a van started
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shooting. the security guard did not get him and he lost sight of the van. that plate number is vdwzy. the suspected killer of a sasun city teenager is scheduled to be arranged this week. the teenager was found dead. jones was due in kout on thursday. prosecutors say if found guilty jones could be found guilty. a woman who has five dui convictions is wanted.
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ralings has been convicted five times. happening now, here's a live look at washington, d.c. where earlier today tens of thousands of protesters gathered demanding action. it was the largest climate change rally in u.s. history. that rally in the nation's capital was one of many protests held tonight including a large demonstration in san francisco. ken pritchett was there and tells us what is being demanded of president obama. >> organizers say about 5,000 people marched on market street they marked against fracking in california. but this rally is support of a much bigger event in washington, d.c. sponsored by the sierra group aim -lted at the president. >> if you're serious about curving emissions you need to say no to the houston pipeline.
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>> reporter: build this pine line out of canada and the angered environmentalists. >> we've seen positive indications from the administration but we've also seen you know some indication that we would continue to explore our natural places for fossil fuel exploitation. >> reporter: in his state of the union address. the president said that he would take executive action to curve climate change if necessary but was quiet about the pipeline. >> we're going to pull our dollars out of the companies. >> reporter: john avalos is asking to diverge. the evidence was billed as the largest rally ever on the issue. the timing is for president's day weekend hoping to get the
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president's attention. president obama also fending off criticism from republicans about the administers's draft plan to overhall the immigration system. while its requires secure boarders before building a path. the obama plan would have up documented immigrants receive immigrants in eight years. it would all aver off sort of dishes to us. the president's plan would be dead on arrival if it reaches congress. pope benedict xvi delivered one of his last masses. tens of thousands of the fateful gathered to hear the departing pope. an ex week epd will be the final pope. the pope atphoupbtsed he will
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retire due to failing help. it is the first time -- the pope announced he will retire during the failing help. it is if first mass since he announced he will be stepping down. >> reporter: as the emotionals made it through the pews. some had the question of new leadership on their mind. pope benedict xvi announced their reservation. >> we just have to pray for him and pray for the cardinals. >> reporter: the cardinals are will will be gathering in rome. >> the next pope needs to understand in what we believe and why we believe it. >> even within my family. a lot of us we stepped away
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from the church. because a lot of us lost faith. >> reporter: candy gonzalez admits today was the first time she's been to mass in years. >> it really broke my heart. i was raised catholic and i feel this is where i belong. i feel like with the new pope thing. >> tom: change. >> there is a crisis of faith in the church. a lot of people don't really underwhat the church teaches. a vatican spokesman says the vatican will have a new pope by easter if not sooner than that. the conclave to elect the
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next pope may start stronger than wanted. that gives cardinals around the world plenty of time to fly for rome for the election and start work a little earlier. mindy mccready has killed her. authorities had already placed two children in foster care because of her state of mind. mccready is perhaps best known for her number one country hit in 1996 called guys do it all the time and her song 10,000 angels. hundreds of people gather in half-moon bay.
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tonight why the piano play said this piano had to burn. danica patrick will be racing into the records books. what she to be doing that no other t american woman has made. >> and the polarizing reports.
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a man in half-moon bay caught a lot of attention after he placed a piano in a bluff and played it for their fans. tonight it died. i asked just what ended those sunset piano concerts. >> reporter: one complaint pushed the city to pull the plug so tonight in dramatic flair, the artist and musician played it one last time then set fire to it. >> reporter: musician artist and sculptor prutisimo kept flames on his baby grand. at one point playing it as it burned in an open field tonight but the story began two weeks ago on a behalf moon bay bluff. what you see in here on this you tube link attracted hundreds of people where he kept his music playing every
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sunset. >> i had been on the bluff for two weeks then i eventually had to stop playing that. >> reporter: the notice sparked on anger but an idea to cremate the piano setting it free. >> the burning of the piano is challenging. >> it's very touching. i feel very proud. >> reporter: portisimo's sister watched as hundreds gathered the to say goodbye to the music. >> it was with great hesitancy that they allowed it to be burned. beth and cory silver drove down from san francisco. >> seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity and we've been following this all along. >> reporter: this fiery end brought people together in a way only the artist could have
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envisioned. >> portisimo who's real name is daro will take the pieces and incorporate them into a sculpture which are said to be premiered in new york and rome. danica patrick became the first woman to win the start. she will start in the front row in the daytona 500 next sunday alongside jeff gordon. the agent for south african olimpian announced today he is canceling all of the runners future appointments. he has not yet entered a plea.
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pistorius was the first double am pew to to compete in the olympics since he competed last year. a private funeral is planned for tuesday. they're gearing up for a south african show. an american soccer star has announced he is gay. robbie rogers said he stayed in the closet until now because of the fears his career would be hurt. rogers seen here scoring for the u.s. national team in 2011 also hinted he'll be retiring from soccer. recently he's been playing in england. social media praised rogers for coming out. president obama and tiger woods played a round together. the links at an exclusive
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reserve were closed to the media. president obama told tiger, it's good to see you playing well again. extra arizona senator mccain said his continued opposition of secretary of defense nominee former senator chuck hagel. >> i don't believe he is qualified by i don't believe we should hold up his nomination any further because i believe it's a reasonable amount of time to have questions answered. >> mccain and hagel were previously allied into hagel were nominated for the cabinet spot. kentucky senator ron paul confirmed that he will only run for president in 2015 if he
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knows he can win. >> because we've been losing as a national party. >> rand paul added that he thinks young americans want the republican party to be less aggressive on foreign policy, immigration and nonviolent drug possession. members of a church made their round. they wanted to lift the lives of young people through college. >> reporter: today's sermon was special preaching the importance of a jury charge education. it's a message that resinates with monet landers. >> because i want to go to college and pursue my dreams. >> reporter: the program pairs
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representatives to the california state university system with african american churches not just to reach students but to reach them while they're young. >> it's never easy to start. >> we get them motivatedded and same they have the opportunity. too many people get discouraged and believe that college isn't for them. >> leroy addressed the congregation saying it is important to address parents and grand parents. church officials agree. >> this thing with the schools coming here this is all a part of a master plan to cultivate lead iship in our community. >> reporter: 17-year-old latimer already says that he can already imagine the importance of a college education. >> if you go out and go against
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someone for a job you might beat them out. >> reporter: in oakland, ann rubin, ktvu news. kidnapping risk of raw. and raise a glass. how an uproar from customers led a famous whisky customer raise the white flag. mystery money. where these gold bars appeared and how they're helping a town in much need of support. >> our warm weather is coming to an epbt. coming up at 10:37, a temperature drop you condition expect for tomorrow. and a cleaning of your area. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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investigators probing a fire on that carnival cruise ship say they have confirmed where the fire started. the fire left the massive ship adrift without power for five days. the u.s. coast guard said today the fire started in front of the general ray tor --
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generator in the front room. it could take up to a year to find out how and why that fire began. a wave of attacks killed 37 people in shiite neighborhoods in baghdad. there's no immediate claim of responsibility but the work was thought to be that of sunni supporters. elections will be the first country wide elections since u.s. troops pulled of the country in 2011. a libya it was a day of celebration to mark the second anniversary of the start of the uprising that crumbled gadhafi. he promised that islamic law would be the main source of legislation. since gadhafi was ousted.
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that country has been plagued with war. >> those gold bars are thought to be worth at least $250,000. the city lost 3,000 people and 40,000 buildings when the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit back in 2009. that money will go to the rebuilding of the city's port. >> the u.s. is warning americans to be careful at one of peru's favorite site. but the u.s. embassy announced a criminal group may have plans to kidnap american tourists. the threats may be connected to a rebel group known as the shining path. peru recently began a crack
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down against its cocaine legislation. you can go to and click on web links. and after an outcry from customers, maker's mark announced that it will stop watering down its popular bourbon and will restore all bottles to the original 90 proof formula starting tomorrow. the company was adding a little more water to the original formula to stretch the stock. you could have wifi but you still could be out of touch in the air. and causing an uproar. how the shoot out between police and chris dorner has led to a new and violent video game. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
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in tonight's special report, are you frustrated that you can't use your cell phone while flying? a change to that rule appears to be coming. when exactly though isn't clear. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler tonight investigating emerging controversy over cell phone use on planes including a possible health risk. >> reporter: last call before take off. find your seat, finish your conversation because you know what's coming. >> it's time to start turning off all electronic devices including cell phones. >> reporter: disconnected maybe hours without your phone. some airlines now allow personal cell phone use while flying outside u.s. air space. but here in the u.s., the faa requires you turn off your
10:32 pm
phone for take off, airplane mode is okay. regulators are poised to allow regular inflight cell phone use on domestic airline flight. that has polarized cell phone use. >> i think that's a bad thing. because we're going to hear everybody's conversations. >> i think it's quite a distraction. we might as well bring back smoking. >> reporter: flight attendants worry no one will pay attention to cabin instructions. we've discovered another concern. passenger health. >> there is a link for tumors and other things. >> reporter: cell phones radiate low power microwaves and that inside a metal
10:33 pm
container such as a jet fuselage exposures. >> you're going to have very high exposures inside that container and it's hard to tell what hot spots that is. >> the danger from these things is so small that we really should be focused on other things like crossing the street. >> reporter: so cell phones on planes -- >> i think it's a great idea. it's about time we did it. only downside is that now i don't escape my cell phone when i'm flying on an airplane. >> i would have access to a lot more e-mails instead of paying the outrageous fees for my wifi on the plane. >> i think that as long as it was kept to just e-mails and text messaging it would be okay. >> any chance that i get to use my phone or texting or anything like that for free is even better. >> reporter: several new
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surveys by airlines conclude most passengers want solitude. >> a nice quiet environment, you can do work. i don't want to hear people talking outloud on their phone. >> so far no u.s. airlines has asked the faa to allow cell phone inflight calls. john fowler, ktvu news. we have developing news to tell you about out of oakland where investigators are on the scene of crash. this is a live picture of the scene on 35th avenue near dearing street. this happened at 9:30 tonight. a spokesman for the sheriff office says, the sheriff deputy and sergeant were pursuing a car that failed to stop when they attempted to pull it over. the driver in the suspect vehicle was arrested on the scene after the crash. the deputy and sergeant were taken to the hospital after the incident. a live picture of a crash
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involving two vehicles including an alameda sheriff vehicle. an online video became featuring christopher dorner -- an online video game featuring chris dorner. the title is christopher dorner's last stand. a real american hero. in the case of the 2007 moonlight fire, california is seeking $15 million from sierra pacific industries and other defendants. sierra pacific blames federal prosecutors, accuses officials for going after deep pockets. the state should limit its collection efforts to fires where the evidence is irrefutable. pomp and circumstance as
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the uss iowa turns 70. during world war iowa, the iowa carried president teddy roosevelt. today an fdr impersonator joined the festivities. in 2011 the iowa was moved from vallejo to the port of los angeles and now served as a museum. a race to promote health in san francisco. how this race shined a spot light on a problem that is up and not discussed in one community. a cold storm is moving in. meteorologist mark tamayo is next with how much rain we can expect. be sure to stay right here nor a second look featuring
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one of our own, rita williams work.
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well we are wrapping up a very nice weekend with mild temperatures. we did cool off a little bit today and that trend will continue over the next few days. as far as those readings right now. under mostly clear skies, temperatures are dropping off most areas back down into the 40s at this hour down toward napa, 42 degrees. san francisco 49, and san jose in the upper 70s at 48. we do have a big batch of high clouds and those clouds will be moving into the region as we do head into your monday and those clouds will eventually produce some rain showers as that
10:40 pm
system develops and moves into the region. and in advance of that we already have this. winter weather advisories in place for parts of northern california. this is for tuesday, out toward lake county and also the west of the sierra. last week was nice and warm. temperatures in the 70s even 80 degrees in santa cruz last thursday. this week the complete opposite. a complete drop off in temperatures a return to winter. most areas coming down three to 6 degrees for tomorrow. and a cold storm as we mentioned is on its way approaching the region. first thing tomorrow morning it will be dry with partly to mostly sunny skies. some breaks in the clouds and also some patchy dense fog out toward some of the inland valleys for santa rosa and napa. concord a record low of 40. here's the weather system developing out here in the pacific. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy skies.
10:41 pm
the clouds will be on the increase. this moves into the region producing rainfall. we haven't been talking about much rainfall this time of year. this is not an extreme rainfall producer. but the cold air moves in. that will drop our snow levels down to 2,500 feet possibly down to 2,000 feet. so we could have a bit of a dusting in the bay area hills. as we mentioned the clouds will start out the day for your monday. then they thicken up the cloud cover. this system tries to bring a few sprinkles. here's what happens first thing tuesday. the cold air sweeps into the region and we could have dropping snow levels down to 2,000 feet especially by tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening. bulk of the rainfall expected by mid-morning tuesday. as far as tomorrow we'll continue to cool things off mainly in the mid- to upper 50s. no more 70s.
10:42 pm
no more 50s. san jose a forecast high of 57. here's a look ahead, a five day forecast. it'll be a cool week ahead. you will see temperatures after that rain cloud on tuesday not warming up too much with a few lingering clouds. with your weekend always in view, we have a very important forecast coming up for the chinese new year's parade and get ready for the rain drops on tuesday. hundreds celebrated the year of the snake in san francisco by pounding the pavement. more than 1,000 people took over the streets of china town for the ymca 35th annual 5k run and walk. this year's event will help fund the physical education programs. >> not a lot of people know about obesity and the chinese community are very poorty.
10:43 pm
it'll a good way to bring that to our community. >> some people dressed as the slithery star of the new year. that celebration continues next weekend in san francisco with the big chinese new year parade. it is the largest celebration of chinese culture outside of asian. it features floats and costumes dating back to the 1850s. you can see it here saturday starting at 6:00 p.m. the nba all star game lives up to its exhibition hype. tempers flair as cal's mike montgomery tries to gear up its
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